A new system from LSR goes beyond the state of the art

Energy saving is the main focus in plant construction.

Many technical innovations –Through high environmental standards, resource-saving planning and energy-efficient systems, we prove again and again that environmental considerations are very important to us.

Grid feedback

The motors and frequency inverters of the transport trolleys are equipped with a regenerative power supply module. For example, excess energy is recovered when the goods are lowered.

irculation of process energy

If heating and cooling capacity is required, the waste heat generated can be recovered as process heat using suitable recirculation systems (e.g. heat pump, heat exchanger).

Water-saving rinsing technology

Carefully selected rinsing technology can save a lot of water. Ideally, the customer receives a "wastewater-free" system.

Exhaust air systems

In addition to exhaust gas cleaning, the focus is on recovering energy from the warm exhaust air via heat exchangers.

Drying systems

Our drying systems are usually equipped with an energy-efficient heat recovery system. They are particularly characterized by stain-free drying and short drying times.

Optimization of line losses

We always keep energy losses through cables and electrical contacts as low as possible. In many cases, just 0.5 volts less voltage at the rectifier means high cost savings and many tons of CO2 savings per year!