LSR Automation - our own control system

Our own LSR Automation control system has already been used in over 200 systems worldwide.

A significant proportion of our electroplating controls are exported. Outside Europe, our controls are used from the USA to Asia / Korea.

LSR electroplating controls are used in:

Retrofit of an existing plating line?

We also specialize in converting or replacing existing galvano controls from other manufacturers.

Simulation models
Thanks to extensive simulation models, we are able to replace existing control systems and put them into operation within a very short time.
We can determine in advance the best possible throughput for a system and which system offers the best result: whether clock-controlled according to a distance-time diagram or freely programmable.
Optical monitoring
Using our own visualization, the user is able to see the status of the system at a glance at any time.
All relevant data is stored using modern SQL databases.
Own software
The LSR-Automation software works under the platform – on Windows 11 or other systems, as desired.

Why LSR-Automation?